ABC Entertainment Group President Talks About DWTS At TCA Winter Press Tour

Today, Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment Group president, told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Dancing With The Stars “refreshes itself” depending on it’s “casting” which isn’t always consistent. Below is more from the Hollywood Reporter. Be sure to read the link for the full story.

“Obviously each year the casting kind of tells you where it [will] come out,” said Lee. “We thought we started with a weaker cast this year, and then look what J.R. [Martinez] did.”

The biggest unknown of the cast did go on to win the Season 13 trophy and has since enjoyed a healthy run in the media spotlight by the show’s standards. It’s that kind of surprise, Lee noted, and the different types of “star” that can win favor with viewers that has kept the network invested in the series.

“Sometimes its controversial, like Bristol Palin, sometimes it’s somebody who brings a nostalgic element,” said Lee, “and sometimes its someone people just love — like Kirstie Alley.”

So many seasons in, Lee also tried to convince the crowd to have some perspective on the type of talent they’re able to recruit.

“When you look back at the early seasons,” said the level of celebrity isn’t what it is now.”

It’s true in my opinion. Being inconsistent has a way of keeping things very interesting which makes a person wonder on the new cast for Season 14, doesn’t it?