Dancing With The Stars Storyline On Apartment 23 With Karina Smirnoff

Remember in December when we reported Karina Smirnoff would be making a guest appearance on the ABC show “Apartment 23?” Below is some more information in a new interview with James Van Der Beek from TV Guide on the episode. Note how it has a “Dancing With The Stars” storyline where Justin’s character guns for the mirror ball with Karina Smirnoff. Also note how he’s been asked to dance several times and how it was an inspiration….

How did the Dancing with the Stars storyline come to fruition?
James Van Der Beek: It was an idea that I had. I had been offered [to be on Dancing] a couple times. I always thought it would be kind of fun, but would never do it, but that doesn’t mean the Apartment 23 me can’t do it! [Laughs] I pitched the story line to [Apartment 23 executive producer] Nahnatchka Khan where I would go on Dancing with the Stars. There’s a big joke that I planned out and the only way for it to be funny is if I was a phenomenal dancer.

Lois & Clark’s Dean Cain will guest-star as James’ nemesis and competition on Dancing with the Stars with real-life pro Karina Smirnoff. How was it creating this rivalry with him?
Van Der Beek: It’s great. Dean’s a great sport; he totally gets it. He has great comic timing actually. It’s kind of like a brotherhood of people who went through a show where the character’s name is in the title. You look at each other, nod and go, “I understand.” [Laughs] It was great to have Karina because it felt authentic. I did [ask for tips].

Looks good. I want to see this. Even more, I’d like to see Justin dance for real on Dancing With The Stars. 🙂 More at TV Guide. No information yet as to when this episode will take place.