Big Week For DWTS Mark Ballas: Miss America And Diet Pepsi Commercial To Premiere (Details)

This is a big week for Mark Ballas. He’s currently in Las Vegas helping to judge the 2012 Miss America Pageant which will air Saturday night, Jan. 14th on ABC at 9:00pm ET. He posted the picture above at his twitter account of he and some of the other Miss America judges Kris Jenner, Raul De Molina, Chris Powell and Teri Polo.

Also, stay tuned for Sunday as the new Diet Pepsi commercial Mark helped to choreograph will premiere during the Golden Globe Awards. The commercial stars Sofia Vergara (love her! She’s on my Dancing With The Stars wish list to dance). Below is a few more details from USA Today.

In last year’s Beckham ad, the Modern Family star (Sofia Vergara) sported a bikini and sent women chasing after the soccer star so she could easily get a Diet Pepsi. In the new ad, Vergara navigates a crowded Miami nightclub to reach a waiter carrying her coveted Diet Pepsi in the shoot choreographed by Dancing With the Stars pro and USA TODAY blogger Mark Ballas.

“All that matters is that I get my Diet Pepsi. I go after my food and my drink, that’s for sure,” Vergara says, laughing. But “I did miss David.”

Her relationship with Pepsi goes way back. “My first work in the entertainment business was 22 years ago when I did a Pepsi commercial when I was 17. My career started.”

Let’s hope this second Pepsi commercial is as iconic as the first which I loved and much luck to Mark this week!!

ADDING: Thanks to Maddy and DWTSGossip, below is some footage “behind the scenes” of the new commercial…