DWTS Louis Van Amstel ‘Taking Ballroom Dancing To The Next Step’

This past week, Dancing With The Stars pro, Louis Van Amstel, went to Charlotte, North Carolina to give some private dance lessons and to promote his dance fitness business “LaBlast”. Tony Prado of Queen City Ballroom in Charlotte says Ballroom Dancing is the new alternative to fighting crowded gyms to stay in shape for the new year …especially “after seeing celebrities transform their bodies on the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.” Below is Louis’ take on it from WSOCTV.

“Because that is what “Dancing with the Stars” is about,” said Van Amstel. “No dance experience, and how fast can you change someone’s life; how inspiring can you be.”

Van Amstel has taken ballroom dancing to the next step. He’s modified the traditional dances like rumba, cha cha and disco a high-energy, low-impact workout program.

“La Blast” is really a work out in disguise,” said Van Amstel. “Because you dance to your favorite music, you learn all these dances, and yet, you’re losing all that weight.”

Prado said whether you’re looking to lose weight, or you just want to learn how to dance, the best part is, anyone can start dancing. “It’s definitely for all ages. Our youngest dancer is four years old and our oldest dancer is 94.”

I’d sure like to see that 94 year old swinging those hips. I agree how dancing is for all ages!!

You can read the full story at WSOCTV as well seeing a new video of Louis talking about it.