‘Behind The Scenes’ Of The Game Show Network DWTS Photoshoot (Video)

What a treat this is!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, Entertainment Tonight has released a “behind the scenes” look of the Dancing With The Stars/Game Show Network photo shoot. Maks looks back at the previous seasons with passion and says they still “dance” the same passionate way today. ET also asks Maks who he wants for a partner for this upcoming season. He corrects the interviewer and says the pros don’t pick their partners. He just got lucky with Hope. Lacey says it will be fun looking back at the previous seasons, but, she will be embarrassed and will need to critique herself. Mel B says she’s so “over” Maks as he has tried to grope and dance with her again with their reunion(lol). Joking aside, she was so thankful for the experience because it got her in shape after having a baby. Derek reflects back on his favorite moments of lifting the mirror ball trophy. So cute…all of them! Lots more below….

Don’t forget, you can begin watching reruns of Dancing With The Stars on Jan. 21st at 6 p.m. ET on GSN. In the meantime, enjoy the Dancing With The Stars promo page which includes bios, photos, and videos at GSN here.