DWTS Lacey Schwimmer “Close your eyes and dance like there is no one in the room!”

Fit Bottomed Girls has a new interview up with Dancing With The Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer. Lacey talks of how working with Lady Foot Locker’s VIP Program has enabled her to help all women feel good about their bodies! She also comments that there is no one style of dancing is “better” than another when trying to keep toned and fit….”just remember to move! Close your eyes and dance like there is no one in the room!” She gives more advise in a take below….

FBG: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?LS: Be myself; don’t try to be something you are not. It’s helped me stay grounded in this crazy world!

FBG: What’s the No. 1 tip you can give our readers to be healthier, happier and more fit?
LS: I know I say this a lot, but its so true: just keep moving! If you’re having trouble doing my videos, just walk around the block for a few days, get your stamina going and work up to my videos. Who knows? Maybe someday you will be on DWTS!

FBG: Anything else you’d like to add or tell our FBG readers?
LS: Always love yourself!

Be sure to read more at Fit Bottomed Girls. There is a small mention on Dancing With The Stars as well.

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