Rumor Will Paula Deen Dance On Dancing With The Stars Season 14?

So, who knows how true this rumor is, but, Hollywood Life has an “inside source” that says the producers of Dancing With The Stars have asked professional chef Paula Deen to dance. Interesting note: Paula was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. You can read more below and at the link on Paula.

An insider at the hit ABC show tells producers are seriously considering the 64-year-old cook and host for season 14.

“‘DWTS’ suits love good stories,” our source says. “It’s good timing. Paula just confirmed she has diabetes and this could help her a lot.”

As far as Paula’s age, the higher ups aren’t concerned. ”Producers love Paula’s likability and think it would guarantee she’d be around for a couple weeks, regardless,” the insider explains.

What’s more, Louis Van Amstel must have heard this news. Last night, he told Showbiz Tonight he wants to dance with Paula. Below is a take from USA Today

Last night on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, Dancing With the Stars pro Louis Van Amstel said, “I have a good idea, activity is the best thing. If Paula Deen goes on Dancing with the Stars, I would love to have her as my partner and she is going to become an inspiration! How about it?!”

Adding: Here’s Louis on Showbiz Tonight…

So, what do you think if this rumor comes true? I think she looks fun and it would be cool to hear her being an advocate of Diabetes on the show! I wish more people would speak up on Diabetes! I can also see her dancing with Louis too…or Tony?

Heidi’s Note: Once again I feel compelled to point out the track record of certain websites last season – up and down. Geez –  we like hits too, but you don’t see us jumping on every single person in the news and say “insiders tell us that….”.  Seriously, this is starting to look like sites grasping onto every single person to make the news – Tim Tebow, Paula…the list is getting very long. I’m tempted to go back to our posts before the last two seasons and examine just how true alot of this stuff turned out to be.  Hey…that’s an idea!!

OF COURSE, Louis is all for it since he would love to be back on the show. That’s a no brainer and really lends no credence or weight to the story at all.

Maybe Paula will dance, maybe she won’t….but I bet the “wish list” the producers have is ten miles long and half of  Hollywood is on it.  I would like something solid that doesn’t just scream convenience.