Cheryl Burke On Dancing Lessons, Personal Hardships, And Dancing With The Stars!

FOX News has a new interview up With Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke in promotion with her new paperback release for ‘Dancing Lessons: How I Found Passion and Potential on the Dance Floor and in Life’. In the new interview Cheryl discusses how dancing shaped her life, her personal tribulations with child molestation (I’m so glad she decided to write about it), and Dancing With The Stars. I also love what she says on Rob, casting, and her goals for the show which you can read below. Be sure to read the full interview at the link.

FOX411: Last season we had Rob Kardashian out by week three. But he won us over.
Burke: Yeah that’s what I thought as well. I think it was week four when he dedicated a dance to his dad, I think people really started relating to him. He’s just a real person, like a normal guy who is not affected by the whole Hollywood scene. In the beginning you judged him because he’s Rob Kardashian, but you really got to know who he is and he’s really a simple, humble person.

FOX411: The producers pick your partners. Ever walk in the room and think oh no?
Burke: At the end of the day I’m not going to win every season. My goal is to try my best. They can’t always give me the young, good looking partners, they really have to make sure they mix it up, otherwise people are going to start thinking, ‘Why does Cheryl always get the good partners?’ I can’t always have the heartthrob.

FOX411: Maks was pretty outspoken last season. Was it uncomfortable backstage?
Burke: That’s just who is he. He says what he says and I’m not the one to judge.