Karina Smirnoff On Controversial Dancing With The Stars Casting And More

Did you know Dancing With The Stars’ Karina Smirnoff started her career in figure skating, ballet, and then gymnastics? It wasn’t until later Karina started ballroom dancing. Karina talks all about it and how ballroom dancing is “the perfect combination of art, sports and showbiz.” Karina also talks about Dancing With The Stars and the criticism behind casting the celebrities, her past partners, and more. Here is a snippet from the interview. Is her answer to the first question below true or false? I’d say true, but, I still wish they’d get a few more A-listers. I still have loved this show regardless and I always end up liking people I have never heard of and/or thought I wouldn’t like.

The most recent season of “Dancing with the Stars” was criticized for a celeb cast that didn’t engage the public the way that past casts have. Here’s Smirnoff’s take:
“There is an element to that I can agree with, but we always have some sort of controversy. If the public likes the cast and everything’s happy about that, then the controversy’s, well, is it fair that he or she is a different type of dancer (meaning non-ballroom dancer)? … There’s always something, in a way, to complain about. Which is good – as long as we discuss the show, it keeps it relevant and going. But I feel like we do a great job because we have characters from a different area of the industry every single time. We have the reality star, we have the war hero, we have the athlete. There is one for every taste, which is one of the reasons why the show is so successful, because it pulls in so many different demographics.”

The relationships don’t necessarily end after the show wraps:
“I’m good friends with most of my partners. I’m probably best friends and the closest friend with my season 12 partner, Ralph Macchio. He is a dear friend, and his family is unbelievable. We rang into the New Year together. We try to see each other as much as we can. Some people do become part of your life after that experience. You get to see each other at your worst, at your best, at your strongest, at your most vulnerable. So you really grow together as a team. After 10 hours a day for three-and-a-half months, you get tired of that person, you can’t wait to have an opportunity to miss them. But, at the same time, you grow so close together.”

You can read the full interview at The Day. Note how Karina and Season 13 partner, J.R. Martinez will be dancing at the Mohegan Sun this upcoming Sunday. For information on how you can attend, see the Mohegan Sun.