Post Miss America Coverage Of Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas And Brooke Burke (Photos)

The post Miss America coverage continues here at Pure Dancing With The Stars. Above is a picture taken of judges Mark Ballas, Raul de Molina, Kris Jenner, Lara Spencer, Chris Powell, Mike Fleiss, Teri Polo, and the lovely, newly crowned Miss America Laura Kaeppeler. You can see more post pictures of Mark and the group at There is a cool album here too (Facebook account required). Some pictures include Miss America host Brooke Burke one of which you can view below. Stunning gown! What do you think?

ADDING: You can also read on how Mark and the other judges have influenced next year’s pageant at Vegas Deluxe. Below is a take which is a good idea I think….

Lara and Mark said that they recognize the relevancy of Miss America but want her to become more of a celebrity during the yearlong, hard job she reigns over. “It’s a shame that she’s MIA in public recognition when they’ve taken on this incredible responsibility and worked so hard for it,” Lara said.

Mark commented: “We can update and still respect the fact she is relevant and a wonderful role model with great confidence who connects with everybody from politicians to pop stars. I want to have more young people saying, ‘I want to be like Miss America” — and that might mean taking a ’70s wardrobe look into modern times and changing the music for the talent competition.”