DWTS Season 13 Champs Karina Smirnoff And J.R. Martinez Light Up Mohegan Sun

What a weekend it was for a bunch of lucky fans and spectators at the Mohegan Sun. Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Champs Karina Smirnoff and J.R. Martinez took to the stage one more time to dance. Emcee Gary Craig of WTIC-FM said “it was the largest crowd ever” for the “Reality Check” series that comes to the Mohegan Sun four times a year and Karina and J.R. danced for free. More below and he sure to read the full article at TheDay.com for how Karina and J.R. answered questions and signed autographs. There is also a stunning gallery of “must see” pictures here (the first picture is precious as can be. I’ll let you look to see why!).

Martinez and Smirnoff greeted fans with hand slaps and smiles before launching into fast-paced dance that took them to every inch of the small stage, ending with a dramatic dip, Smirnoff’s head just inches from the stage floor.

The crowd erupted.

“You are so loud and so marvelous,” professional dancer Smirnoff said grabbing the microphone, “and we are very, very, very appreciative.”

She then darted off the stage to change outfits for the next number, leaving Martinez with the microphone. It was a comfortable spot for the wounded Iraq War veteran, motivational speaker, actor-turned-celebrity dancer. He declared himself a “microphone hog” and answered questions from the audience while waiting for his dance partner to return for one more number.

ADDING: Thanks to the Mohegan Sun You Tube Channel, below is a video of Karina and J.R. dancing, signing autographs, and being interviewed. Thanks to PureDWTS reader and Karina fan @Jimmbboe for the heads up!!