DWTS14 Louis Van Amstel Says The Pros Will Know Whether They Dance Or Not In A Month

Louis Van Amstel was a guest on KTLA to promote his new LaBlast fitness and dance DVDs, but, here is the interesting part. Louis also talks about Dancing With The Stars and how the pros have a month to wait before they find out if they dance or not. First producers will find all of the celebrities and then start matching them with height first and then personality. They talk of how they put “opposites” together as well. You can listen to the new interview at KTLA. I like what he says about “daring to give up control” and “give up thinking” when you want to learn how to dance.

Again, if you’d like to know more on Louis’ new LaBlast DVDs and how you can order them, visit Louis’ LaBlast Fitness site.

ADDING: Louis did a segment on The Talk on Friday. He promotes his new LaBlast DVDs and gets the ladies dancing. If interested, see it at The Talk’s official site here in the 5th segment.