Mark Ballas Assumes He’s Coming Back For Dancing With The Stars 14, But, Hasn’t Heard

Theatre Mania has a great new interview up on-line with Mark Ballas in promotion with his singing gig in Port Washington, Long Island. They talk of all of his accomplishments so far in music, dancing, and theatre. Below is an interesting take where he explains his wish to do more Broadway. Even more interesting are his comments about Dancing With The Stars and how no one knows for sure if they are coming back for Season 14 yet. More below….

TM: Do you ever want to come back to musical theater?
MB: I want 100 percent to go back to the stage, whether it’s Broadway or the West End. Theater incorporates everything that I know how to do. One of the things I am trying to do all the time is educate people that it’s good to be good at more than just one thing.

TM: Do you have some theater roles on your wish list?
MB: I would love to do Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar; I know that part inside and out. I would also love to play Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys or Fiyero in Wicked. I have my eyes on those roles. And my favorite show in college was Les Miserables. We used to go see it in London all the time, so if they bring that back, I’m ready.

TM: Are you coming back for the next season of Dancing With the Stars?
MB: None of us have heard yet — only the producers know for sure. They really don’t tell us until the last minute. But I would assume so.

TM: Who would you most like your next celebrity partner to be?
MB: I would love to have Jennifer Aniston as my partner! I think Ellen DeGeneres would be awesome. And Britney Spears would be good if she’s ever up for it. But I’m down for anything or anyone. The best part of the show is that I love to meet new people and teach them how to dance.

You can read the full interview at Theatre Mania.