DWTS Season 14 – Oh Come On, That’s Not Gonna Happen! Chapter 2

The second chapter in what will likely be a very long book. 🙂 In case you missed chapter 1, this is a series where I talk about what I see on Twitter that makes me roll my eyes in exasperation or laugh…or just groan in disbelief. 🙂

Today’s edition of OCOTNGH (heh) revolves around the inability of many Twitter users to READ and comprehend the written word. Seriously, this edition scares me. Let’s do it in list form, shall we??

1) Michelle Obama is NOT going to be on DWTS, partnered with Maks. If you read that on the internet, you need to look up some of the words in the article – mainly the word “Spoof”. If someone you know and/or love told you that she was going to be on DWTS, buy them a dictionary. If you believed them…what the hell is wrong with you?? 🙂 Here is the source of this particular bit of silliness —-> Michelle Obama on DWTS

Some of you are probably thinking, “Heidi is full of crap, no one REALLY believed that story.” How much would you like to bet? Any Mitt Romneys out there willing to part with 10K?? 😀

2) When someone who happens to be an actor/former co-worker (Brent Spiner) of Marina Sirtis urges people (via his twitter account) to “vote for Marina Sirtis to be on DWTS” he is NOT saying “Marina Sirtis is going to be on Season 14 of DWTS”. Come on. Go look at his twitter time line and you will clearly see that he’s campaigning just like all her other fans. Geez, people. I’m looking for real rumors – not people who can’t read chattering false info across the internet.

3) Get a sense of humor and/or actually WATCH the video where Derek says one of his partners had him crying every night. Geez, that was Derek being goofy. Hardly headline news. :::rolls eyes:::

4) Erin Andrews showing up at Maks’ birthday party doesn’t mean she’s “the one” and madly in love with him.  Kirstie, Tony, and Chelsie were there too, just sayin’. Are they all in love with him? Shippers. They’re enough to make a person nuts. Especially when the Erin shippers and Kirstie shippers fight. Oh wait, that’s actually kinda fun… 🙂

5) To those complaining on Twitter that GSN is airing DWTS which “isn’t a game show!” – get a dictionary. From Websters (and really, this should be obvious to most), one of the definitions of “game”:  a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other. Duh.  Synonyms of “game” include: bout, competition, contest, event, match, matchup, meet, sweepstakes (also sweep-stake),tournament, tourney.  Anyway you look at it DWTS does belong on the Game Show Network. It is either a dance competition or a popularity contest…or both. Note both in the synonyms.  🙂  Just because some dude in polyester pants doesn’t have the chance to win a million bucks doesn’t mean it’s NOT a game.

6) Saying that Giulianna Rancic has been approached to be on DWTS is NOT the same thing as “Giulianna is going to be on DWTS”.  Can you tell this annoys me? 🙂

I sense number 6 will be a recurring theme right up to the moment that they announce the cast for Season 14. :::sigh:::  Either the internet is like a massive game of Telephone…or people don’t read well. Or some mixture of both.