Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Speculation On Lara Spencer And Stacey Dash

Some interesting tweets to speculate on today…an “absolutely not” and a “maybe, I don’t know?”!! Last night Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer and Mark Ballas were tweeting each other back and forth about Dancing With The Stars. She asked him who his partner is and look how he replied back. She’s not dancing as she has said, but, just for some random fun, we thought we’d mention it because you never know on the possibilities for who might dance together (or who won’t) now or maybe in the future?

Also, below is a tweet from Stacey Dash saying she’s ready to dance on Dancing With The Stars. She’s an actress who has made regular appearances on The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and also St. Elsewhere to name a few of her acting accomplishments. I can actually see this happening if this were to come true, can you? Also, she might be a cool partner for Derek. What do you think?

Thanks PureDWTS readers Evaine and Dee for letting us know on these tweets today!!xxx