Cheryl Burke Talks of “Dancing Lessons” And New Season Of Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke glowed in a pastel pink dress in a new interview on Good Morning America today. She dished about her personal and inspiring book “Dancing Lessons”, but, she also made some mentions on the new upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars when asked about it from Lara Spencer. Cheryl said she hasn’t heard any rumors yet for who is dancing, but, the Dancing With The Stars cast is so excited. She says dance training begins in three weeks. She also talks of sometimes not knowing a thing about her partners until she googles them. She’s asked who she thought would be the most challenging of all of her partners and she answered with Rob Kardashian. He shocked her every week with how much he improved in attitude and dancing. Cheryl is asked on her dream partner and she gives a big plug to Victor Cruz. I have to say she and Victor would be perfect together. Do you agree? Lots more below….

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ADDING: In other news on Cheryl, she’s been signed on to help promote the Skin Smooth Campaign.

“I am thrilled to represent a brand that understands the importance of looking and feeling beautiful in your skin and the freedom of long-lasting smoothness,” explains Burke. “As a professional dancer on television, these play a huge role in my daily life, so the synergy between me and Veet was natural and a perfect fit.”

You can read all about here.

ADDING#2: More of Cheryl’s dream picks for Dancing With The Stars when she gets interviewed by VH1….

ADDING#3: Below is Cheryl on Good Day NY with more of the same promotions. Thanks to Maddy for the heads up on this video.

Cheryl Burke: