DWTS Season 14 – Oh Come On, That’s Not Gonna Happen! Chapter 3

In case you missed chapter 1 and chapter 2,  this is a series where I talk about what I see on Twitter that makes me roll my eyes in exasperation or laugh…or just groan in disbelief. 🙂

Once again, we have a series of people who don’t seem to read and comprehend the written word all that well…or perhaps they just read too fast. Whatever the case may be, they are a tad annoying.  Why, you ask?  Well, Huffington Post (awesome site, btw) publishing a post that they very clearly call their “wish list” is NOT a listing of people who are going to be on the show, OR a listing of people actually rumored to be on the show. Please look up the words “wish” and “list”. Thank you. 🙂

And really, how many times do Tebow and his reps need to say he’s NOT doing the show before people chill on that rumor? Getting sick of his name in my tweetdeck.

What else is annoying me?? What’s “not gonna happen”??  Spamming everyone and their freakin brother with “tell them we want Marina Sirtis on DWTS” is NOT going to actually get her on the show. What it will do is piss me, and everyone else who does twitter searches, off…in the extreme. Especially when your Twitter icon is annoying as some are.  Really, just stop. I already don’t like this person or her fans and I don’t even know who she is…oh, and by the way – she will NOT have an impact on ratings one way or the other.  Every year a fan group makes this claim….and it’s usually the fans of someone I’ve never even heard of before. Go figure.

Who wants to explain to Xtina’s manager that “The Voice” did not beat DWTS in ratings on Monday night??  Do I have to say anymore?? He’s probably comparing The Voice’s numbers to those of DWTS last season…still wrong. Unless they’re both on at the same time, you have no business comparing the numbers. When they were on at the same time, DWTS was beating The Voice easily.  BTW, hell of a lead in, that Super Bowl.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Voice. It’s far superior to anything I saw of the X-Factor (admittedly, I got bored early on that one) and it’s different enough from AI that I enjoyed it on Sunday night. But I don’t like misleading tweets like his – it’s what starts turning all the “wish lists” into serious rumors. Very misleading.

Oy Veh – sudden increase in the need to campaign for pros happened just yesterday. Namely Chelsie and Dmitry. People – your campaigning won’t be any more effective than that done by the fans of Marina Sirtis. For one thing, they appear to outnumber you (even though it’s more repetition by a few tweeters than it is a massive number of people tweeting about it, if you follow me) and for another…if they don’t find them a match, they don’t find them a match. Usually, it’s that simple.  I think Tristan’s appearance is a bit detrimental to Dmitry, even though I think he’s an inch or two taller than Tristan is, because Tristan appears to have wide appeal. Chelsie I’m not worried about. I think she’ll be back.  But seriously – the show is watched by about 20 million people.  Five or five hundred tweets ain’t gonna sway them.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, it’s back to pro watch. 🙂