Dancing With The Stars Season 9 Contestant And Professional Snow Boarder Louie Vito Makes History!!

Former Dancing With The Stars Season 9 contestant and professional snow boarder, Louie Vito, made history yesterday!! A fan named Byrl sent us the details and a cool video for how Louie did so. What’s more, former partner, Chelsie Hightower, was there to support and cheer him on. Below reader Byrl tells us about it and what’s next for Louie….

Byrl: Here is the video of Louie Vito making history this afternoon. Chelsie Hightower was there cheering Louie on, she saw history being made right in front of her eyes. Louie is the first male to ever win back to back Dew Cups, first to ever throw down 4 double corks and score the highest score ever in the Dew cup of 98. Chelsie was overjoyed and you can tell at the very end where Louie goes over they are hugging each other. I have watched this video 3 times and every time he amazes me on just how good he is.

Now he is in flight to Oslo, Norway for a competition and will be back in the US on the 20th and then has a break for about 5 days and then on to Mammouth, California from March 1st-3rd. Then from there he goes to The Burton Open in Vermont on March 5h-11th and then to Tynes, France, I think, for his last competition of the season. He won gold there last season.

Enjoy this video…

Picture above is of Louie, Chelsie, Louie Vito Sr., and JJ Thomas (Louie’s coach). Thanks to Byrl for the news, pic, and write-up.