“Dancing With the Stars Live” At The Tropicana In Las Vegas Gets Green Light

A couple of months ago, we reported how there were plans are to bring a live version of Dancing With the Stars to the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly, the idea was cancelled and now it’s getting the “green light” again.

The new Las Vegas dance show will supposedly feature a combination of dance professionals and Hollywood stars who have won and also who have come up short in their attempts to win the mirror-ball trophy.

One of the rumored contenders to dance is Dancing With The Stars Season 9 champ Donny Osmond.

The audience members at the Tropicana will also be invited to participate in an “interactive challenge” during the shows.

You can read more details in our previous posting as well as in a new article at the Las Vegas Weekly which talks about a male pro from Dancing With The Stars helping to choreograph the show and stage in the past planning stages. Who do you think that might be? Louis?

Personal note: I really hope this comes true. I’m planning a trip to Vegas in the Fall and I would love to see this show if it were to happen!! How about you?