DWTS Season 14 Rumor Update On Herman Cain And Michele Bachmann

A month ago, we posted on the far fetched possibilty of politicians Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Well today, AJC.com is reporting that Dancing With The Stars did indeed approach GOP Presidential hopeful, Herman Cain to dance on the show. Below is what his assistant confirmed this morning. You can read more at the link.

A spokeswoman for Herman Cain confirmed this morning that the former GOP presidential candidate was approached by ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” to appear on this season’s competition.

But Cain nixed the idea. “He can’t dance in an eight-count. He can only dance in a nine-count,” said Lisa Reichert, Cain’s executive assistant.

Nine-count. Get it? 9-9-9.

As for Michele, USA Today and KSTV say she’s been asked and she may be entering the competition.

Michele Bachman and Herman Cain? Producers are said to have extended an invitation to them both to be on the show.

However, Michele Bachmann may soon enter another national competition.

This will be like Bristol Palin dancing all over again. Please no is all I have to say if true. Your thoughts?

Heidi’s  Note: Oh come on!!  The woman is a sitting congresswoman!! She is not going to do DWTS. She might be prohibited from doing DWTS as a sitting congressperson.  And can you imagine the flack she would get for the time commitment to DWTS when she’s supposed to be in DC??  I think this rumor is ridiculous – but hey, Michelle, by all means…compete.  I’m sure you’ll get lots of votes and lots of respect as a serious member of congress by doing so. And I ain’t on your team so you go right ahead. 😀

UPDATE: It’s a NO for Michele. Go HERE to listen to her address the new rumors on dancing again. Her reaction is hilarious!!

On Dancing With The Stars Rumor:
You won’t be seeing Bachmann dancing the pasodoble any time soon. Bachmann says there’s there’s no truth to the rumor that she’s been invited to be on the ABC TV show “Dancing With The Stars”.

Bachmann says her focus remains getting re-elected to her seat in the Sixth Congressional District.