Taylor Armstrong And Bar Refaeli Address Dancing With The Stars Rumors

Today, Taylor Armstrong was a guest on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Unless something changes, many of you can take a sigh of relief (as well as myself, lol). According to the interview, Taylor says she hasn’t been approached by Dancing With The Stars to dance, but, she says she can dance and she might be open to it if approached.

With the cast announcement for the new season of “Dancing With The Stars” less than 2 weeks away, there has been speculation that Taylor may be on the upcoming season. Taylor tells us she has not been approached by the show, but says she would be open to it. “I can dance,” she says confidently. “I’ll cut myself down for pretty much anything, but I actually can keep a beat.”

Thanks to Lori for this news!

ADDING: And on that note, Bar Refaeli won’t be dancing either as rumored. You can view a video at Access Hollywood where she says she doesn’t have time.