Giuliana Rancic Denies Rumors Of Dancing On Dancing With The Stars

In January, we reported on a possible rumor that E News reporter Giuliana Rancic might be dancing on Dancing With The Stars this season. Well, it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Below is more in a take from the Huffington Post.

She’s on the road to a complete recovery, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down any time soon. In fact, Rancic said she wishes she could do even more, but barring the addition of a few more hours in her day, there is little else she can pack in. She admitted she would love to appear on “Dancing With the Stars,” but denied rumors that she’s on the next season, saying she simply doesn’t have time right now.

“I wish I could do it,” she said. “It’s such a fun show but I literally can’t imagine taking those hours out of my day.”