DWTS Season 14 Rumor – A Star Associated With General Hospital To Dance?

Remember this is a “rumor” ONLY, but, ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting that a Dancing With The Stars connection has told them that “a face familiar to GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers may very well be vying for that mirrorball trophy!” Here is more from their investigations. Read the link for the full story.

Upon further investigation, another DANCING source indicates to In Depth that the contender is actually a star associated with GH — and not a member of the current cast. While Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) would be a great celebrity to appear on the show, his ABC pilot, NASHVILLE, will be filming during the time that the new season kicks off in March. Similarly, John Stamos (ex-Blackie) has a huge mainstream following, but he’s also currently tied to an upcoming pilot. Emma Samms (Holly) and her DYNASTY/THE COLBYS fan base would make her a popular choice, and lots of viewers would tune in to see singer Rick Springfield (Noah) do the tango. Since he is returning to GH this spring, ABC would be gaining a great cross-promotion opportunity by casting Springfield. There’s also Springfield’s ’80’s soap star/singer rival Jack Wagner (Frisco) to bear in mind. While its rumored that Wagner may be next on GH’s returning list, the end of his run on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has opened up a block of time in his schedule. Plus, B&B tapes on the same lot as DANCING, so he knows his way to the studio! The soon-to-depart Nathan Parsons (Ethan) is a trained dancer, and even performs with his dance troupe, BoomKat Dance Theatre, so he definitely has the skills to Cha-Cha across the floor and impress judge Bruno Tonioli. Our final guess is Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda), who has the beauty and grace to tackle the two-step, and the former LAS VEGAS and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star comes complete with a primetime pedigree behind her.

Again, keep in mind, this is only a rumor. Like Courtney commented in another post that “many of the names they’ve mentioned are currently tied up with other commitments.” I will let her explain more….

Court’s thoughts: Ok, first of all I think you have to take into account that GH has been on the air almost 49 years, which means there’s been 49 years of cast members coming & going, 49 years of special guest stars, and 49 years of random unknown-at-the-time stars playing minor roles. When you think about it, that’s a lot of actors & actresses that can say they’ve done GH at some point in their lives – and the way this report is worded, it makes it sound like it could be ANYONE who has done GH at some point, even if it were just for a short stint.  A small sampling of celebs who have appeared on GH: Demi Moore, John Stamos, Elizabeth Taylor, Ricky Martin, Richard Dean Anderson, Sammy Davis Jr., 98 Degrees, Roseanne & Tom Arnold, BB King, and most recently, James Franco.  And that’s just a small sample.  So while it could be someone that has done GH – it may not be someone who is primarily known for GH.  Secondly, the article is a bit misleading, since it puts pictures of current cast members at the top of the article – a lot of the stars they’re speculating about in this article are currently tied up with other projects…or other events in their lives which would likely preclude an appearance on DWTS.  Maurice Benard is bipolar and suffers from acute social anxiety – not exactly the right mindset for DWTS.  Vanessa Marcil-Giovanazzo just had a late-term miscarriage 🙁 Rick Springfield is returning to GH, but is also still battling substance abuse issues.  Jonathan Jackson, Kimberly McCullough, & John Stamos are all pursuing other tv shows and movies.  Scott Reeves & Steve Burton are getting ready to tour with their band, Port Chuck. Anthony Geary? Ok, I would totally get behind that one, but he rarely appears on GH anymore, and from what I hear that’s his own choice. Do I think this report is an out-and-out lie? Well, no, but I think they might be aiming a bit high with some of the names they’re throwing out – I think it may be more likely that they’d get a celeb that has left the show or only makes intermittent appearances, like Ingo Rademacher or Tyler Christopher.  Or Jacklyn Zeman. I’m totally down with someone from GH doing the show – I’ve been saying it’s high time they get another Port Charles resident on-board 🙂 I’m just not holding out for anyone HUGE…then again, the folks at DWTS are unpredictable, and they might (pleasantly) surprise me.  Time will tell.

Thanks to Maddy for the heads up on this rumor.