DWTS Season 14 – Rumor…or Wild Speculation: Nicole Anderson

I seriously wanted to put “wild-assed” speculation in the title of this one but thought John might get mad at me. 🙂

Seriously, though – after lecturing everyone about not jumping at shadows and thinking every “exciting news” comment on Twitter is a pending DWTS announcement, here I am…jumping at a shadow. Unfortunately, as Claire pointed out in the comments, this one has a twisted synergy to it that lends it some credence in my very twisted mind. 🙂  What am I calling twisted synergy??  Well, the DWTS producers often show themselves to be rather unimaginative and uninspired when it comes to finding contestants for the show – and that’s what this would be. Chelsea Kane’s co-star on Jonas?? The Disney Channel??  Doesn’t this have Mark Ballas written all over it??  Come on, producers, shop at another store, would ya?? Nicole is/was a competitive gymnast, too.  She seems like a cute girl – but I hope this one is WRONG. Here’s what she posted on Twitter last night: