DWTS Season 14 – Rumor Round Up!!

You’ll notice that ProWatch is no longer in this spot – it had it’s day and I’m afraid we’re going to get nothing more until Tuesday. If you still want to visit it, you can here —> ProWatch.

Every season around this time we create a listing of people who have been rumored to be on the show for this season…and sometimes past seasons, if we see “suspicious” behavior. Things that make you go “hmmmm…” Well, thanks to Vogue, who keeps a list, here we are again.  Seriously – thank Vogue because I don’t have the time to hunt them all down, sadly. Wish I did.

Anyway, I tend to rank, categorize and editorialize as I go, so bear with me. 🙂

ETA an update to Troy Aikmen. See below.

ETA #2 – Sasha Cohen is officially NOT dancing this season; she confirmed on twitter even though we had pretty much figured that one out. 🙂

The Most Solid Season 14 Rumors

Jack Wagner, Melissa Gilbert and Sheri Shepherd – when TMZ first reported on this one, I was skeptical.  TMZ has a bit of a spotty record, although some have forgotten. A couple of seasons ago, they got the whole cast exactly right, but last season I tend to think they got played.  They got exactly nobody right…they claimed Nancy Grace, but AFTER others (including us) had reported it.  But, Gossip Cop backed them up this time, so I have to give it more weight. Of all the sites out there, Gossip Cop not only confirms some rumors, but puts the kibosh on others – some that I knew to be false.  They are more reliable, IMO. So…I have to say that I think this is the real deal. Melissa and Sherri are also past seasons rumored contestants – and we know that happens quite a bit. As for Jack, well, ABC Soaps in Depth said they heard a former GH star was dancing, hand Jack was let go from The Bold and the Beautiful (a CBS soap), so that kinda opens a window for him, eh??  As for the video of Melissa going into the DWTS studios…well, that doesn’t look like the normal entrance, but the building structure seems the same.  If so…well, doesn’t that eliminate her as Maks’ or Derek’s partner? Unless Derek was fibbing about when he starts rehearsing (next week, per Derek on Ryan’s show).

Maria Menudos – This one isn’t quite as solid as the others, and so far TMZ has no back up.  But I sure would like this one to be true.  Maria herself is giving nothing away. She’s following no pros, she’s making no teasing comments (that I’ve seen, anyway).   If I had a vote I would vote yes. 🙂


The Not as Solid, but Still Kinda Solid Season 14 Rumors

Annika Sorenstam – Pro Golfer rumors coming from all sides, including golf aficionados, Tony Dovolani and Annika herself.  This one seems plausible, but not as plausible as others. She said she would like to do it, some on twitter are claiming she said yes (although those tweets read kinda weird to me).

Vince Young – Vince straight up said that he had been asked to be on DWTS. Couldn’t tell if he was joking, but the fact that he deleted the tweet was kinda telling.  Of course, being asked doesn’t mean he said yes.


Not Solid At All, but Not Speculation Either

Dolly Parton and Gavin Degraw – Both of these rumors came from Hollywood Life who, unfortunately, did not have a good track record last season.  And we haven’t heard much about it since the original posting. Not to mention that Dolly, when previously asked, said “hell no”.  At first I considered Gavin a more real possibility, but now I’m not so sure. UPDATE: He tweeted earlier today that he’s on his way to LA. Hmmm….

Aferdita Dreshaj – Miss Kosovo said not long ago that she was dancing on DWTS – but was she talking about the Kosovo version of the show? Probably – which is why I stuck her in this category.

Bruce Jenner – Bruce I could handle, but I gotta say no to any other Kardashian relatives. 🙂  This comes from Hollywood Life once again.

Paula Deene – Hollywood Life was throwing a bunch of stuff at the DWTS wall and waiting to see what would stick. Paula was one of their rumored dancers. I will be curious to see if they get any right.

Bar Refaeli – She was rumored as in negotiation, but it was by a website that I had never heard of before. Not really sure what to make of it, actually, but why would she do it?

Wild-Assed Speculation with a Hint of Truth 🙂

Yeah, it’s wild, it’s speculation, but there could be a kernel of truth in there.

Dick Vitale – This one was hard to place. I don’t know that it really has a hint of truth to it, of if it is all a big joke between peers and co-workers. 🙂

Ali Fedotowski – Oy veh. Two tweets, one about good news and the other about looking for an apartment in LA is ALL we got on this one, unless you take into account rumors from way back in Season 11. Back when she was relevant. 🙂  I think the “celebrity” life span of your average bachelorette is about 6 months, tops, so Ali is (IMO) past her expiration date.  I don’t see it happening. If it does? Well, not a good sign that DWTS is going this route. No one else wants to do the show??

Darnell Robinson – This was a guess on my part, but it was based on some fairly solid evidence. Whether it turns out to be true or not, we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

Jeremiah Trotter – Current (former?) NFLer with the Eagles, I kinda think that the person who heard Jeremiah’s source got it mixed up with Vince Young. Who knows?


Just Plain Wild-Assed Speculation

Dick Van Dyke – Vogue pulled this one out of the ether, due to Dick’s unexpected appearance in Brooke’s work out video segment with Cameron Mathison. I don’t buy it – but you just never know.

Perez Hilton -this one is based on a picture and a serious campaign. Perez has wanted, begged, pleaded to be on the show for a while now. But as we know that doesn’t usually work. Plus, he runs to the same events that the pros occasionally attend. I think (pray) this is just coincidence.

Lisa Marie Presley – this one is from around the same time as Jeremiah Trotter, but the evidence is much more speculative and vague.

Taylor Armstrong – I considered not even including her, but she has been campaigning for a spot, so she gets a spot in the wild assed speculation section. 🙂 She gets this spot due to previous rumors – even though that source was Hollywood Life.


Strongly Rumored, But Officially a “No”

Giuliana Rancic – the E! News hostess was rumored a good bit thanks thanks in large part to her big mouthed co-star Ryan Seacrest, but she recently put the rumors to rest and said that she’s not dancing.  Kinda figured it was unlikely, due to her recent surgery and desire to have a baby.

Sam Champion – he was strongly rumored by US, but after many tweets that could have been taken any number of ways, he finally said “no, I’m not dancing” on his Twitter Account.

Tim Tebow, JWoww, Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain – according to Hollywood Life, all have been approached by DWTS. All except JWowww have said “No, I’m not doing it.” It’s possible that JWoww did as well, but I try to avoid paying attention to that show and it’s people. 🙂

Troy Aikman – Troy was rumored for Season 11 and when asked said “next year”… which would be this year. Follow? 🙂 Anyway, at the time I think we discussed that perhaps he was joking. But now? Well, Peta is in Dallas, supposedly practicing with her partner. Troy is a former Cowboy.  Well? Maybe.  Troy said straight up on twitter that he wasn’t dancing. Ah well, maybe it’s Vince Young in Dallas. 🙂

Sasha Cohen – She’s buddies with Mark and has expressed a desire to dance with him. But you know what they say: You don’t always get what you want.  Supposedly, she’s still in school and it’s mid-semester. ETA from Sasha’s twitter account:

Mark fans and Mark equally hoping waiting for this RINGER-Y pairing to happen. And soon.