DWTS14 Possibility: Legendary Dallas Quarterback Troy Aikman To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

Ok, before you read this, take note that I am grasping at straws here. As some of you have noticed at twitter, Peta Murgatroyd flew to Dallas and she’s “very excited” and “happy” much like she was last season at this time. Could she be meeting her new partner on Dancing With The Stars? Sally, one of our readers reminded us of the Troy Aikman rumor in a previous season (Season 11 to be exact). In case you don’t know, Troy Aikman is a former “legendary” quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and as you can see in the video below from TMZ (which was posted on July 29, 2010), Troy remarked he was going to do Dancing With The Stars “next year“. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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So, what do you think? Does this possibility have a leg to stand on and could Troy be Peta’s new partner (if it’s true she’s dancing)? I think they would make a striking and perfect couple and I bet he would be a good dancer too. Also, this is a huge A-lister imo!! Way to go to TPTB if this comes true. You are going to make a fan out of my husband yet.