Sir Sleep Twitter Account Teases On Val And Maks Chmerkovskiy’s DWTS14 Partners

I don’t care who these two are dancing with. I’m just glad the two are dancing!! In case you don’t know Sir Sleep is Maks’ bulldog. Maks and Val (and maybe Teddy?) like to update us on Sir Sleep and his adventures at twitter occasionally under this account. Anyway, I’m going out on a limb and taking this as good news for the “Chmerkovskiy” camp and that their fans can relax a little knowing that the two are dancing. ADDING: Though note, nothing is 100% official until the cast announcement on Tuesday.

So, if true, does this mean there are 11 dancers or are there 12 dancers? If there are only 11 dancers and 5 are male, could one of the rumored dancers be out? If so, which one?

The saga continues in Dancing With The Stars land. I feel kind of silly reporting on a dog account at twitter and it’s a first, but, it is what it is. LOL! 😯

Thanks to @TristanMacmanusFans at twitter for this news. Be sure to follow her for all the latest on Tristan. She’s a jewel. xx