DWTS Season 14 Cast Revealed?? You Be the Judge!

As those of you who read the comments on this site know, a reader named MissWMG claimed to have gotten the new TV Guide and it had the DWTS Cast in it.  We, of course, were (and some still are) highly skeptical that she was legit because we’ve had issues with people trying to scam us before. Well, here is what MissWMG sent to us.  Look legit to you??  It does to me, but I’m extremely cautious due to past experiences on this site.  KEEP IN MIND that DWTS has never done this before – give the cast to a major ‘zine prior to the official announcement. Perhaps they assumed that subscribers wouldn’t get it until Tuesday afternoon? In any case, I want to let our readers in on what was sent to us – you all can be the judge.  Do you think this is the cast?  And how about the rumored 12th dancer added at the last minute??  And do you think that the cast was finalized in time for TV Guide to go to print??

In any case, we will find out for real tomorrow: real or scam. 🙂

ETA: “TV Guide” spelled Menudos wrong, didn’t they?