The Press Interviews The Dancing With The Stars Cast For Season 14 (Videos)

After the Dancing With The Stars Cast Announcement today, Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent interviewed the dance couples…

First up are Maks and Melissa!! Melissa likes that the two of them might be a “fiery” combination. Melissa said their first rehearsal was fiery…but, in a good way. She needs to learn to let him “teach”. Maks reminds her he is the “President” in the boardroom. They talk of her physical challenges, but, Maks says he doesn’t think there will be any issues. Her big family will be there to support her. Kirstie and Marley convinced her to dance. Kirstie told her to “hold on to her crucifix. It’s going to be bumpy ride.” LOL!

Sherri and Val are looking forward to “shimmying” which they’ve already to started to practice (Heidi and Court, I’m not saying anything, are you? lol). Sherri plans to “step up her game” to win this competition. She needs Barbara Walters and President Clinton to support her. She loves to “turn”, but, she doesn’t turn like she use to. Val wants to set the bar high and Sherri says why? She plans to travel back and forth from coast to coast to still do The View.

Anna says Jack is “determined” and “musical”. Jack says they have a “chemistry”. He likes to Cha Cha Cha and loves the Cuban heels. He has 6 pair. They worked on frame and posture first and then the music came. Jack says his biggest competition will be himself and he’s going to continue working. He loves the idea of challenging himself by doing the show and feels blessed. (I like this Guy!)

Jaleel is really humbled to be a part of this cast. Kym says all the natural ability and rhythm are there. He has great hip action. Jaleel makes no comment. He had a lot of friends and fans who wanted him to do the show. His biggest challenge is “Kym”. He says she’s already pregnant. LOL!!!

Tony says he and Martina met and got along right away. They’ve had two rehearsals and she’s doing good. Martina says dancing is so complex compared to tennis, but, she’s going to take it all one step at a time. She loves Tony and says watching him dance is like heaven (awww!!!). Tony can see the developement already in her. Martina says she’s afraid of stage fright the most but plans to practise and memorize the routines in her sleep.

Gladys says she may have danced before in her acts, but, not any ballroom dancing. Tristan says he plans to teach her everything he knows, but, he’s looking forward to her teaching him stage presence as well. He’s honored to have her as a partner. Their practices are starting tonight.

Gavin is excited to dance with a former champ. They started rehearsing yesterday. He’s not sure about the shoes and wearing heels. They joke about how they haven’t found chemistry. He talks of how Karina called him a few weeks ago about wanting him to dance. She convinced him and that’s why he’s here. He’s frightened of everything right now, but, he’s going to work hard and have fun. (There is definitely some chemistry here!)

Sorry, Access Hollywood hasn’t released an interview for Derek and Maria yet. πŸ™ When they do, we’ll add it. For now, here she is with Ryan Seascrest today. She’s honored to have Derek as her parnter, but, hopes he hasn’t found his worst one. With a champ like Derek she is hoping he will do all the work and she can just follow the lead. LOL! So cute!

Entertainment Tonight also interviewed the couples. I am loving this cast! Bring them on!!

Adding: On The Red Carpet and The Hollywwod Reporter interviewed them as well…

Thanks to @DWTSGossip on the heads up for this one as well with Derek and Maria….

Maria with Mario Lopez….

ADDING #2: E Online interviewed the couples as well. See them here.

ADDING #3: ABC7 also interviewed the couples. More here.