DWTS14 Roshon Fegan Says Ballroom Dancing Will Be Difficult Compared To Freestyle Dancing

Chelsie Hightower’s Dancing With The Stars partner, Roshon Fegan, was a guest on KTLA in Los Angeles today. He talks of how he knew he was going to dance for two months and he had to keep it “on the low”. Only a couple of people knew and it was hard to keep quiet. Roshon said Dancing With The Stars wanted the perfect dancer for him and they chose Chelsie which he’s happy for. Roshon admit’s he is a good dancer to “freestyle”, but, doing a salsa and a rumba is going to be difficult. Roshon is going to be extra busy trying to dance and juggle his music career, but, he’s going “with the flow” (I love the way he uses words!). After the interview, Roshon dances and sings to his new single “On Top Of The World”. More at KTLA here.

He’s got some great moves and he’s very likable. This is getting more interesting by the day, isn’t it?! 🙂