The Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Cast Promo Shoot Is Now Taking Place

For those wondering, the cast promo shoot for Dancing With The Stars is now in process. This afternoon, Sherri Shepherd posted a picture at her twitter account of her and Tristan MacManus hanging out behind the scenes (pictured above). I always love these teasers since we might see what they are wearing or trying on, etc.? 😀 In the meantime, here is a teaser tweet from Cheryl which makes me wonder on the costumes we’ll see and if there will be any repeats? One thing is for sure! If there are any repeats, Courtney will know as she seems to have a photographic memory.

And here is Courtney with her thoughts too….

Courtney: Sounds like they’re right on schedule for the photo shoot – I would expect to see the official cast pictures released late tomorrow or sometime Friday.  Should be interesting to see how many Randall costumes vs. costumes from last season we see dittoed.  I would put money on Sherri wearing one of Niecy’s old costumes, though 😉

Vogue: If we get more pics of the celebs and pros with some more ‘behind the scenes’ shots, we’ll post them below.

Ok, here is more. Thanks to Kat Tales TV, below is Sherri in what looks like her promo shoot dress?

And below is a picture courtesy of X17online;

Martina posted this picture at her twitter on Tuesday. Is it possible she was getting glammed up for the promo shoot?

Peta tweeted this pic of her and Donald after their shoot today. Sincere and beautiful..

Anna and Jack thanks to reader Twickenham….