Update On Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Couple Katherine Jenkins And Mark Ballas

Right after the Dancing With The Stars Cast Announcement yesterday, singer Katherine Jenkins released a statement on her absence. Below is more from Entertainment Tonight….

“I would have loved to have been at the announcement but as a supporter of military men and women around the world, it was very important to me that I keep my word and be in Afghanistan to entertain the troops,” Katherine explained. “However, due to technical problems with the plane, I was unable to make it there this time … but this will not stop me from going again in the future!”

Katherine tweeted her disappointment concerning her dashed travel plans, writing, “Sadly we tried again (to get to Afghanistan) but it’s not going to happen. So sorry not to make it out to you but we really REALLY tried!”

She did the right thing, didn’t she!! I find it so commendable that she does so much for the troops.

Also, gearing up for her dance stint on the show, US Magazine has published some fun facts on her. Below are just a couple from the link. I like what she said about conquering her fears….

She has already performed on DWTS. Jenkins sang during “Classical Week” (when Kirstie Alley lost her shoe) in April 2011, belting out arias along with a 46-piece orchestra.
She has some dance experience. The singer joined ballerina Darcey Bussell on stage in the 2008 musicial Viva La Diva.

She’s motivated by fear. On her decision to be on the show she explained, “I like to conquer my phobia. I was afraid of heights. I got a pilot’s license. My biggest fear was to drown, so I got a SCUBA diving license. I get embarrassed dancing by myself, so I figured why not do it in front of millions of people.”

I have a feeling this might be my favorite partner paired with Mark? I just love her.

Speaking of Mark, Perez Hilton posted a video of Mark practicing for a new Diet Pepsi commercial with a can on his head while dancing.

And then there is this commercial spot Mark did for the Mohegan Sun!! Too cool!!