Melissa Gilbert Ready To Get Out Of Her Comfort Zone On Dancing With The Stars And More

The New York Post posted an article and video interview yesterday with Maks and Melissa. Melissa talks of how nervous she was before finding out about her new partner on Dancing With The Stars. She was so relieved when it was told she was dancing with Maks for who she wanted. She’s ready for the challenge to “follow” his instructions instead of “lead” like she has done so much of in the past. She wants to learn to be the best dancer and will do whatever it takes and do what he says, but, he’s leery and hopes it will be that way down the line. She also says she’s not allowed to talk during rehearsal….”just a little bit”, Maks remarks. They also laugh a lot. Maks also dishes about how he was one of the first to know he was dancing this season. He couldn’t believe all the rumors before the cast announcement that he wouldn’t. Lots more HERE.