DWTS Media Mentions On Derek Hough, Maria Menounos, and Gavin DeGraw (Photos)

Bella NYC has named Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough as one of their sexiest men of 2012. They write how Derek’s “grounded sense of self and unwavering passion” and “thoughtful, deliberate, and somewhat soft-spoken” qualitites landed him in their list of most sexy. In a new interview with Derek with them, he describes what “beauty” is to him in a woman. He also dishes a little on his new movie and his new love for the Argentine Tango and why. More in some takes below. You can read more at Bella NYC.

His definition of beauty: Talent, ambition and character. “Oh, and humor,” he adds. “Someone who is talented, funny, ambitious and overall very comfortable in their own skin and self, and happy with who they are, is very beautiful to me.”

Hough, who’s starring in a new movie “Cobu” due out this fall, says he was born to entertain. “I’ve always been interested in many art forms. I was just watching some old home videos that my dad pulled out. In one from when I was 5 years old, I was going to town, dancing like nobody’s business. I started dance classes at 10 or 11, but had been dancing all my life, just for fun.”

His current favorite dance is the Argentine Tango; one that Hough says is relatively new to him. “Growing up and competing, that dance wasn’t one of ‘my things,’ I wasn’t taught it, I recently had to teach myself. And as of late, I’ve grown to love it. I love dances that are passionate, intense, sexy and dark; I gravitate toward those. I wonder what that says about my character?” (laughs)

Speaking of Derek and dancing, be sure you visit Pure Derek Hough. Heidi has some great new videos of Derek and pics of he and Maria going to practice. She’s also got details on dance partner Maria Menounos’ “After Buzz TV” site where she plans to have a Dancing With The Stars after party every week after the show. Heidi has also started a “Team Menough” t-shirt contest which is always fun! Be sure to take part and/or watch it all go down in the coming days. There are some really talented dance fans out there that amaze!!

Also, below is Maria arriving at LAX yesterday. She and Season 14 Dancing With The Stars opponent, Gavin DeGraw (also pictured below), attended the ‘Escape To Total Rewards’ in New Orleans, Louisiana Friday night. You can see more pictures at Zimbio.