Green Bay Packer Donald Driver’s Dancing With The Stars Work Ethic Described As “Insane”

It sounds like Donald Driver is giving it all he’s got learning how to dance for Dancing With The Stars? A dancing source told TMZ that his “work ethic is insane.”. More in a take below.

According to sources, Donald’s been working non-stop — practicing with his partner for 5 hours at a time … then going home and studying dance moves on YouTube.

We’re told Donald pays especially close attention to the male pros — intently studying their moves and their footwork … just like a football player would study tapes of old games.

According to sources, Donald’s goal is to dance at the pro level — not just the “celebrity” level.

We’re told Donald is so focused on being at the top of his game — he’s even keeping his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd on a strict diet.

LOL to keeping Peta on a strict diet. Anyway, I’m so glad Peta has a partner who is so serious about this competition.