New DWTS Season 14 Commercial, Three More Promo Interviews, And More Dancing Fun (Videos)

Have any of you seen this new Dancing With The Stars commercial yet? If not, here ya go!! Thanks to Yaboyrost You Tube for uploading this and just in time to get us pumped that much further! πŸ™‚

Also, don’t miss visiting On The Red Carpet in their “Dancing With The Stars section today. They’ve posted seperate and longer “raw” videos of each couple dancing for the promos. Too fun and they are all so good in my opinion! At first, I had my small doubts on Gavin after seeing him dance a little in the official promo video, but, watching a longer take, he doesn’t look that bad?!!! Hmmm…. Thanks to @DWTSMaksimFans at twitter for the heads up.

Lastly, below is Gavin and Karina, Jack and Anna, and Maria and Derek in a ‘sit down’ talking about dancing and the show during the promos.

Are we ready yet? πŸ™‚