Mark Ballas Autographed CD Giveaway – Courtesy of Mohegan Sun & PureDWTS!!!

Thought that might get you guys’ attention 😉 Yes, friends, the rumors are true: we have in our possession a copy of Mark Ballas’ album HurtLoveBox that is signed by none other than Mark himself! And we know there’s several of you out there that are probably just DYING to get your hands on it…

…so how can you win this fabulous prize? Well, we’re gonna make you guys work a little harder for it this time.  In order to enter, you’ve got to play “Impossible DWTS Trivia” – the questions will all be about Mark & DWTS, and you will be able to find all the answers somewhere on  But you will have to do a little bit of digging 😉 Each correct answer will count as one entry into the contest, and the winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries – so the more questions you can answer correctly, the better your chances of winning. No good at trivia? NO WORRIES! There are other ways to enter, too.

So here’s what you have to do:

1.) Look for the answers to the questions below on PureDWTS.  We will be the ONLY acceptable source for answers to these questions (unless otherwise noted) – if you find an answer on another site that’s different, it won’t count.  The answers are only in the world according to PureDWTS…cause we’re too lazy to go hunting around the net to verify your sources  😉

2.) Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or subscribe to our email list – each one will get you 1 entry into the contest.  Already been there, done that? Let us know so we can give you credit.

3.) Email your answers, along with your Twitter username, Facebook name, and/or subscribed email address to I will go through your responses & check to make sure you are actually following/liking/subscribing to us (so don’t try to lie), and then tally up all your entries and let you know how many entries you got for the contest. 

4.) We’re giving you one week to do your sleuthing – the deadline for entries is next Friday, March 16, at noon EST time.  Anything received after that will just be deleted…sorry. At that point, John will throw all of the entries into a random generator and we’ll announce the lucky winner later that day 😎


When Mark was touring with he & Derek’s band, Almost Amy, their tour van was once robbed while they were eating dinner.  At what restaurant were they eating?

What was Mark’s Halloween costume this past October?

I (Courtney) have often likened Mark to a certain organism – what is it? (two acceptable answers here)

When apartment hunting for his current apartment, what did Mark do in every potential apartment to help him make his decision?

In what place(s) did Mark come in our countdown of the top 10 best freestyles?

What word does Heidi use to describe how Mark’s jive routines look? (hint: it’s a noun)

Mark is one of a distinguished group of people who have appeared on DWTS as both a competitor AND a musical guest.  Name as many other people as you can who have done the same thing.  (NOTE: To be clear, when I say “musical guest”, I mean that they had to have made some sort of noise, either with their voice or with an instrument – not just dancing around.  And pay close attention to the wording of this question…;-) This is the only question where the answers don’t all have to be here at PureDWTS…but be aware that I will be researching any suspicious answers!)

Got it? Now ready…set…SEARCH!!! 😉

Big thanks to Mohegan Sun for providing the signed Mark Ballas CD we’re giving away. Mohegan Sun is a great New England getaway location and Mark fans will likely remember that Mark Ballas had a concert there (pictured below). Check out the Mohegan Sun gift cards as well.