Entertainment Tonight Goes Into Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals, Interviews Three Couples

Entertainment Tonight went into rehearsals to interview three of the couples….

First up, Melissa and Maks! Melissa tells them she didn’t know she’d feel stupid all the time when learning how to dance. Maks says Melissa is too hard on herself and she’s doing great. He loves how much she’s liking and enjoying it all. He loves watching her reactions to the results and being happy about it. She’s took some dance lessons when she was two and she’s disco danced in clubs, but, it was nothing like what she’s learning now. What’s really fascinating about this part of the interview is what she says about “going as far as they can go”.

Next, Anna and Jack! Jack says Anna is the greatest gift about his new gig on Dancing With The Stars. The most difficult thing is taking some steps forward and having some great days and then recovering from taking a step back when things fall apart a little bit. Anna likes that he’s a hard worker, self motivated, and musical.

Finally, Peta and Donald! Donald says everything is great and Peta is a perfectionist. Sometimes that hurts him, but, he’s glad she’s strict. His team mates have given him some advise. Peta likes that he’s willing to do whatever she wants.

You can take in the interviews in full below or at the link. Check out their dancing too. I think Maks and Melissa are looking especially good! Jack is going to be really entertainining in a “Broadway” kind of way. Not sure about Donald yet? I’m curious for your thoughts?