DWTS Cheryl Burke Tells William Levy: ‘This is not a dancing club or salsa or whatever. This is ballroom.’

Wow! Cheryl and William are steaming hotness in my opinion. Local 10 in Miami interviewed them this morning. Here’s a take and be sure to read more at the link. Ssssss…. :mrgreen:

“She is telling me the whole time, ‘This is not a dancing club or salsa or whatever. This is ballroom,'” Levy said. “It’s completely different.”

Ballroom dancing is new for the actor, and for the past five days, he has been crunching in as many ballroom moves as he can during rehearsals.

“For the premiere, we have one dance, which is cha-cha, and no one gets eliminated the first week,” Burke said. “That’s what makes the show so interesting is the time crunch and the stress and to see if you guys are going to have chemistry or not, so it keeps it fun.”

The real fun begins next week when the couple cha-chas their way to Hollywood for the big show.

“This is cool. This is something new in my life, in my career, so as long as you do something for fun and you have fun doing it,” Levy said.

And here is the video of the interview in rehearsal;