DWTS The Closest Thing To Dancing For Gavin DeGraw Was Parking Cars At A Nightclub

One more week until showtime of Dancing With The Stars!! It seems like an eternity, I know. However, the lead up can be just as fun. Below is a little interview with Gavin DeGraw from WZZM13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to get the day started.

ADDING: Karina has a new blog up at People.com. Below is take where she talks abut Gavin, Detriot, and the rest of the cast…

Right now, my Dancing with the Stars partner Gavin DeGraw and I in are Detroit, and it’s freezing. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s so cold. Thirty degrees is not warm.” Gavin is touring right now and we need to find time to rehearse, so I came out here with him. He’s doing his best not to overload himself with too much work. So far, it’s been amazing. And I’m actually going to one of his shows for the first time.

Gavin’s a great partner but he’s never danced before. He was never in dance classes or anything like that when he was a kid but he’s been working really hard. Plus, he’s got swagger and charisma, which always helps in the ballroom. I’ve had a blast rehearsing with him so far. He’s funny and he’s self-deprecating in many ways. The new season, which premieres March 19, has been amazing so far.

The rest of the cast is great and very diverse. There are people who have some dancing experience and some who do not. I think this season is going to be very competitive. I think people will be very pleasantly surprised when the show airs.