DWTS14 Maria Menounos Feels The Motions Of Learning How To Dance And Juggling A Crazy Schedule

What a great new TV Guide interview with Maria Menounos on how she’s currently juggling rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars and her heavy work schedule!! She only gives herself a “3” when asked on how good of a dancer she is from “0 to 10”. Although, when she is in the mood to dance, she definitely has some rhythm when it comes to “hip-hop or whatever.” She doesn’t want so say she is horrendous at dancing either since she’s learning now from the best dancer in the world. More below on how she’s learning the Cha Cha and if the steps are coming easy. Be sure to read the full interview at TV Guide. Lots more at Pure Derek Hough on these two and even more to come I am sure. 🙂

How’s the cha-cha going?
Menounos: It’s going well. What plays into all of this is fatigue ,and you don’t really think about that. Like the other day, I felt like I had a really good rehearsal. I was sharp and on point. And the next day, I was so tired because I had worked until midnight the night before and I was a little tired by the middle of rehearsal and I was getting frustrated with myself. Now I have to figure out how to do all of this. .. [I’m] being really smart about how I use my time … and try to reserve energy and eat healthy foods. I have to think about how to play the game almost.

So are the steps coming easily to you and it’s the stamina that’s hard?
Menounos: It’s everything. It’s a real massive undertaking. I have 18,000 full-time jobs along with this, so it’s balancing my schedule. It’s trying to clear as much of my schedule until the end of May that I can possibly can. Then the mental end is really learning how not get too frustrated with yourself and how to balance the emotion. The eating thing is about to get really important as I’m getting deeper into rehearsals. Then, I have to make sure I rest as much as possible, nap when I can. We’re doing six-hour rehearsals.

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ADDING: And here they are on Extra rehearsing as well…

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