More DWTS14 Interviews With Melissa, Val, Sherri, Peta, Donald, Kym, And Jaleel!! (Videos)

Melissa Gilbert was a guest on 95.5 KLOS radio today in Los Angeles. She is so excited about dancing next week. She has the day off today, but, said she and Maks have been rehearsing 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. The one thing on her body that is feeling numb at the moment is her “feet”. Other than that, her tush is “heading back up” versus how it looked before rehearsals started. She raved about Maks saying he is a “Jalapeno on a Stick” and “extraordinary”. He’s designed their first costume and it will be “backless”. Their first dance will be a “Latin” dance …and “really hot” and “unexpected.” There is ‘no prairie’ in it. Melissa is also loving all of her cast mates and raved about Gladys Knight saying how loving, positive, and generous she is. Stay tuned to the live streaming link. Melissa plans on giving 95.5 KLOS an interview every Monday morning on her Dancing With The Stars journey!!

More from Access Hollywood!! These interviews are from when the couples were taking pics and filming footage for the promos and title shoot.

In the first video below, Kym Johnson and Jaleel White talk about how they didn’t know who each other were at first. They had to “google” one another. Jaleel was relieved when he found out Kym was a past champion on Dancing With The Stars. Donald and Peta were interviewed as well. Donald says he’s ready to wear tight pants and do anything to win Dancing With The Stars. He promised his Green Bay Packer team mates that he won’t be the one to be voted off first. Lots more from them below…

Jaleel talks about a new blog and having the Fox Trot next week in this new interview with Access Hollywood as well….

Below is Sherri and Val!! Sherri says she’s doing the show for her son and working mothers to show them you can do anything you want to do. Val has told her that she needs to use her “abs”, but, she only has a big belly. She goes on saying she didn’t sign on to do gym class…and says she’s not a stripper either. 😯 LOL! They are going to be funny. More below….

Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey give dancing advice to Sherri. Check it out here.