The Insider Goes Into Martina Navratilova’s And Tony Dovolani’s DWTS Rehearsals (Video)

The Insider interviewed Tony and Martina in rehearsals. They ask Tony what it’s like to teach an athletic legend. Tony says he only has to tell Martina one time and she already knows how to do it. She’s already at the start line and he never has to repeat himself. She also already knows that it’s going to take hard work to get to the top. If she lacks in talent somehow, she makes up for it in “hard work”. They also asked Martina on her recent battle with Cancer. She talks about how difficult it was and how it was something out of her control, but, she was positive. She’s hoping to take that same kind of positive attitude to the dance floor. Great interview. I just love her. She dancing for all the right reasons. (If you can’t see the video below, you can view it at the link)