DWTS 14 Jaleel White And Kym Johnson Promising To Entertain (Video)

ET enterviewed Kym and Jaleel in rehearsals today and wow, are they ever looking fantastic. So elegant and graceful. What do you think??

Thanks to Elmari, you can read a new article on these two at ABC7 as well here. Below is a fun take….

It’s been 14 years since “Family Matters” was on TV, but Jaleel White says Steve Urkel’s signature moves just might sneak into season 14 of “Dancing With The Stars.”

White says he still hasn’t completely unhooked himself from the famed nerd’s successful shadow. He said there’s a small fraction of fans who want to see a “Steve Urkel suspenders move.”

“Did Ralph Macchio break out the crane? Did he? I don’t know if he did, did he? ” White said, referring to the “Karate Kid” actor and “Dancing With The Stars” season 12 contestant. White’s pro dancing partner Kym Johnson smiled and responded, “I think he did at one point.”

For those interested, be sure to watch The Rosie Show tonight on OWN! Jaleel is one of her guests.