A DWTS Season 14 Homage And Host Tom Bergeron’s Thoughts On The New Cast

It’s a Dancing With The Stars Holiday! Let’s start this day off right with a homage to Dancing With The Stars Season 14 written by PureDWTS reader Linde. In case you haven’t read it yet, Linde wrote this in the comments section of Heidi’s new DWTS Season 14, Week 1 – Who’s Dancing What…and when? Post.

Ooh, I bet you’re wondering how I knew
’bout your plans to make it through
A gig like nothing that you knew before
Between the twelve of you, who’ll prove that they want it more
It was no surprise I must say
When I saw Sherri Shepherd’s name

Don’t you know I heard it through the grapevine
That Martina’s gonna dance live
Baby, ooh ooh, I heard it through the grapevine
That Maria and Melissa move fine
Oh yes they do. Oh yes they do.

I bet that Jack is prepared to prance
and Jaleel will put on Urkel’s pants
Donald’s drive could take the lead, you see
Roshon’s wild with energy
We’ll just have to see for ourselves
who will waltz past everyone else

Don’t you know, I heard it through the grapevine
not much longer ’til it’s prime time
Oh no it’s not. Oh no it’s not.

Gladys Knight is in the house to dance
William’s looks could spark a hot romance
But I just can’t help but be confused
Why is Katherine not making news
And what if Gavin can’t let go
of his inhibitions before the show
oh no

I heard it through the grapevine
all the teams are having fun times baby
ooh ooh, I heard it through the grapevine
that they’re just about, just about, just about to lose their minds
oh yes they are

{F A D E}
not long to wait now, baby
the dancing starts anew
I heard it through the VogueLine
and I know you did too

Thanks Linde! Nope, not long to wait now!!! 🙂

Also, Tom Bergeron has some thoughts on the new cast at TV Guide. He says it’s a “very feel-good season” and one with “infectious” personalities. Here is more….

“There was a real effort to evoke in our fans a feeling of nostalgia. It’s a very feel-good season,” Bergeron says. “There’s a lot of charisma in this group, and I really like them. Within the office, I think there’s a sense that it’s gonna be a lot of fun. It’s important to mix it up. Having a controversial cast member is another arrow in your quiver and you can always use that when you think it’s a good idea. I think coming off a season or two where we had used that arrow … that it’s smart to take a breather, take a detour that in some ways harkens back to the earlier seasons.”

But that warm and fuzzy feeling isn’t echoed by a lot of fans. Instead, they are complaining about the lack of star power this season. Others hitting the parquet are Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, Disney star Roshon Fegan, The View’s Sherri Shepherd, musician Gavin DeGraw, Extra’s Maria Menounos, telenovela actor William Levy and opera singer Katherine Jenkins, who has performed on the show. Bergeron, however, pays no mind to the chatter.

“There’s a certain drumbeat that I hear every season,” he says. “I often say that a Dancing season consists of three distinct points. The first is: I wonder who’s gonna be on Dancing with the Stars. The second is: Oh, they’re gonna be on Dancing with the Stars?! And the third is: I love so-and-so on Dancing with the Stars! So when I hear [complaints about the cast], I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ I’ll hear it next season too. It’s the same ol’, same ol’.”

Once fans see everyone’s “infectious” personalities, Bergeron is certain they’ll be singing a different tune. “I think they’re gonna respond really well,” he says. “I gotta tell you, all the women on staff are very excited about William Levy. I think he’s about to pull a Gilles Marini and break out. … Maria Menounos is not only good, but she has a laugh that sounds like she mugged Fran Drescher. You’ll hear it! I think we might turn it into a drinking game, but we may not survive. Martina’s very funny and she’s good. Roshon has a great energy. You’re gonna really warm to a lot of people.”

Bring it! We’re ready, Tom!! 🙂 Be sure to read the full article at TV Guide.

Note too for those interested that Tom will be a guest on Anderson today to talk about the new cast of Dancing With The Stars. Be sure to tune in.

ADDING: Tom talked with Ryan Seacrest this morning. More below…