Dancing With The Stars Gavin DeGraw Chats On Feeling The Pressure For Tonight And More (Video)

PopTVDotCom filmed Martina Navratilova, Karina Smirnoff, and Gavin DeGraw going into the studio yesterday. Martina didn’t say much, but, she looked confident (check out her jacket. Isn’t it cool?). Karina is ready to dance as well. Gavin took pictures with some fans and then he dished on he and Karina’s rehearsals as he toured these past few weeks. Some of the studios they practiced in weren’t the best. They are glad to be in Los Angeles now. Over the weekend, they’ve been perfecting their moves on the main floor. He remarks how he’s ready, but, terrified for tonight. He feels like he’s fighting the “bully” at school. He thought the cold war was over until he met Karina. He’s feeling muscles he’s never felt before. More below on all the pressure. He’s got a great sense of humor.

UPDATE: Karina has a new blog and video up at People.com. Below is a take on the cast and Gavin….

This is going to be a competitive cast. A lot of people will have good dancing skills, because I know a few have dance experience ā€“ whether it’s outside of ballroom or whether it’s in. I know Sherri mentioned on The View that she was taking ballroom classes from Maks, prior to the show.

So the playing field will be a little different this time. But again, this show is about celebrities and people who know how to dance. You see their journey and how they advance from week one to week 10. And that was really visible last year with Rob Kardashian, who started out as maybe not the best dancer but became really good throughout the season.

I’m excited to showcase what Gavin has learned, and I think people are going to be very happy with it. I know I am. I think he’s incredibly charming and sweet, and he’s got some really good moves. He’s awesome! He’s funny and charismatic. We laugh most of the time. We laugh at each other; we laugh with each other. I can say one thing and he always has something funny to say back.

UPDATE #2: Billboard has a new interview up with Gavin. You can read it here.