DWTS 14 Cheryl Burke Says Cha Cha Song Has A Strong Latin Flair (Videos)

Cheryl gets us caught up on her projects over the off season at OK! Magazine. She is excited about tonight’s dance with her new sexy partner William Levy. Here is more….

I think that fans of the show are really going to love my partner this season, William Levy. We got a little bit of a late start in our training.

We weren’t able to begin until about 10 days after everyone else started as William is one of the top Latin actors and has quite the demanding scheduling.

We’ve been training just outside of Miami. We only got back to L.A. a few days ago, so we’ve spent the few days leading up to the show racing to get interviews done, costume fittings complete and posing for our official ABC DWTS photos.

We’ve also managed to find some time to check in on the other couples, and I know that viewers and fans of our show are going to be impressed with the level of dancing talent this season.

William and I are starting the season off with a cha-cha to a song that definitely has a strong Latin flair.

Already the camaraderie and vibe remind me so much of the season that I danced with Gilles Marini, and if that’s anything to go by, we are in for an amazing season!

I can’t wait to see what song she’s talking about!!! Below is Cheryl on Access Hollywood as well….