DWTS 14 Week 1: Interviews After The First Dance Part 1 (Videos)

What a fantastic first night to kick off Dancing With The Stars Season 14. Our favorite interviewer George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet was there to see what the couples thought of their dancing and what they hope to bring to week two. Before you watch these interviews, note that something is technically wrong with the interviews with Jack & Anna and Sherri & Val. Watch the link because they will hopefully fix them later.

First up, Jaleen talks of how nervous he was before he and Kym danced. He was a wreck. There was a lot of craziness before he came out on the stage with a wardrobe malfunction, etc., but, they were happy with how their dance turned out and glad the judges liked it. They plan to work hard and take it all one week at a time.

Mark says he knew Katherine could dance, but, she stepped it up even more for the live show. Mark remarks on the high and solid standards this season. Katherine had the best time and was so touched on the whole night. For week two, Mark wants to keep the standard up and just keep improving. They have the Jive.

George questions Cheryl about how she started the dance with her hand on William’s behind. When the applause came, William says it felt so great. He wasn’t expecting it. He says the audience helped him through. He loved the energy. Next week for the Quickstep, Cheryl hopes to show a completely other side to William from what everyone saw last night.

George tells Roshon and Chelsie this is going to be the most “unexpected” season. Roshon says everyone brought the heat and they will have to step it up which he plans to do. They want a good score from Len next week. Roshon wants to work on his technique and keep it tight. Get it right! He raps for George. lol

Gladys is speechless over the night! She didn’t know if she could dance. They had a couple of bumpy moments, but, got through. If she comes back, Gladys just “wants to live”. George says Gladys was “in the moment” and Tristan agreed.

George says Maria didn’t even look nervous last night, but, she laughed and said she was really nervous. Next week, she says they will have to bring more. Maria says she will know what to expect more of the stage. Derek remarks what a great show it was last night with all the good dancers. He thinks they might have what it takes to go to the end, but, they must take it week to week.

Melissa says everyone brought their A-game last night and she and Maks will have to do better. Maks praised all the amazing dancers and how they were all so incredible for the first night of dancing. Maks says they have the Quickstep next week and his goal is to “enjoy and have fun”. They need to work on the hold and be as entertaining as possible.

Donald felt like he was going to take a big hit, but, he just tried to go out there and perform. George says he was “the biggest crowd pleaser and biggest question mark wild card” of the night. George praised him on how quick he was. They have the Quickstep next week and Peta wants him to be a total gentleman. His smile is for the pure joy he’s felt for all the things he’s been through in his life up to last night.

George praises Martina and her beauty. She and Tony were happy for everyone and all the high scores. She is already thinking about the Jive next week and wants to do good. Tony plans to challenge Martina even more going into next week.

Gavin said he learned he needs to practice more leading up to week two and pay attention to Karina’s feet. He says you can get so exhausted dancing from one corner of the stage to the next. Karina warns Gavin the Jive needs to be much faster. George liked his smile last night.

More coming! Stay tuned!