Howard Stern Grills Martina Navratilova About Her Dancing Role On DWTS (Rant Post)

Being a tennis fan of Martina Navratilova and hoping she will do well on Dancing With The Stars, I’m wishing she had never been a guest on the Howard Stern Show yesterday. He has this way (as you know) of sensationalizing everything, starting rumors, and trying to make a person look bad just as he tried to do last season with David Arquette. Granted, David might have had a hand in some of it as well, but, does Martina?

In the interview, Howard starts off saying Martina should be dancing with a female partner being she is gay. Martina defends herself saying she is a “woman” and she’s playing who she is. Howard insists she’s not doing the show right for homosexuals and should be wearing pants. She said she’s learning how to dance and she’ll wear what she wants even if it’s a dress or heels, etc.

Howard tries to say she is attracted to the other female dancers as well and tries to get her to admit it. She says they are lovely and tries to highlight who they are and their dancing. He also says she could care less about Tony in part of the interview which is hardly the truth. He goes too far as always. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, before rumors gets out of hand for what was said and not said, let’s hear what went down from the horses mouths. You be the judge when you listen. I don’t see Martina in any bad light. Howard was trying to get her to admit to things that aren’t true. I also see nothing wrong with her wanting to dance like she wants. She was beautiful Monday night and she is a “woman” afterall whether she is a homosexual or not. Martina, if you read this. Please don’t do his show again!

What do you think everyone? Curious for how you take this after listening? Do you see Martina in a bad light? Or was Howard in the wrong?