Mark Ballas Writes On Katherine Jenkins And Their New Dance For Monday Night

Mark Ballas has written a new blog for USA Today. He explains what Monday was like for he and Katherine getting ready for the show and the rush during and afterwards. Below is a take about it and what they are working on for week 2. More at the link.

The standing ovation and roar from the audience confirmed that we did a good job. I guess the silence was the audience taking it all in and really appreciating our hard work, which felt amazing. The judges’ comments were great and it was extremely nice to have their support and hear that they liked Katherine’s dancing.

Len was right though — we do need to get her rib cage lifted a bit more while in frame, but for Week 1, I was thrilled with our performance! It brought me back to my first season on the show when Sabrina Bryan and I also received a 26 for our Week 1 cha cha.

This week, it’s back to the drawing board for the jive; a completely different style for Katherine. I do think she is going to really enjoy “shaking her bits” for all of you guys on Monday. We definitely have a high-energy, fun routine in store for you.

Below is Katherine and Mark on Access Hollywood today…